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These photo galleries contain selections from my work over the past few years. They are categorized here to help you find subject matter more easily. New images will be posted as they become available.
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Harry Hinkle

Artist Statement

I prefer serenity over clamor in almost everything I do. Likewise, this holds true for photographic locations and subjects. I gravitate toward quiet places for my photography, places away from the noise, disharmony and complexities that can overwhelm and deaden the senses. It is in such spots that I find subjects, scenes and objects that give up some of their secrets now and then -- if I am willing to be still for a while and pay attention.

My current work has led me to look for the revealing details in both natural and manmade environments, sometimes abstracting them to call attention to the sheer beauty of line, form and texture. One of my great joys is to produce simple, intimate, uncluttered images highlighting scenes and objects we might otherwise pass by without notice. If the photographs also evoke a spirit or mood of quietude in the viewer, then I consider them successful.

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